The coffee place around the corner(I)

Eight in the morning. . Monday. Breakfast. I get dressed, just in case, and I go out. There!..were all the people smile at you and greet you with ‘Mornin’.
– I’d like a cup of goodness. Let it not be hot because I enjoy it better in the cold.
– Of course. Do you sweeten it with anything?
– Fragments of beautiful dreams. Two teaspoons.
– Of course, right away! .. Joy?
– Oh, no.I have enough and I think I’m overturning them somewhere and I can’t find them anymore.
A shirt stained with cherries and an abandoned park on the other side of the street. I like it. I’m going back to my coffee. I’ll taste it..Hmm.. it’s still bitter. I shout again at this young boy with flowers of illusions in his hair.
– Excuse me, the coffee is a bit bitter. Can I get another cup?
– But that’s what you asked for.
– I know, I just want more sweetness in it. Of those with emotional happiness. And if you’re still coming, I want an envelope of a smile and some enthusiasm. That’s right. About 200 ml.
– Sorry, We have no enthusiasm, the gentleman before you took it all. But we have common sense. Is that okay? Should i better put your coffee to go?

<< To Be Continued >>

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